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NN1 Dev Club

NN1 Dev Club is a free, quarterly meet-up for a local community of Northamptonshire-based software enthusiasts. A place to meet, collaborate and share knowledge with each other. From devs for devs!

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Who's behind it? #

Pawel Grzybek

Pawel Grzybek

Senior Software Engineer

I am a self-taught software developer with over 12 years of industry experience building systems at each stack level. I have a strong passion for web standards, accessibility, and performance. I love learning new things and sharing knowledge with others on my blog. Recently, I have been exploring Rust. In my free time, I indulge in my passion for jazz and funk music, which helps me balance my virtual and real life.

Darren Sharp

Darren Sharp

CEO at S-SA Digital

Darren the CEO of S-SA Digital Recruitment , With over 20 years under belt, he's been busy building tech teams all across the UK and Europe. As the CEO, he's all about making those perfect matches between top talent and forward-thinking tech companies. As Northampton based organization Darren is passionate about nurturing / championing local talent and helping folks reach their full potential.

Get involved #

Big thanks to NN1 Dev Club contributors! Whether you want to give a talk, report a bug, submit a pull request, or lend a hand at the event, your involvement is crucial. Stay tuned for future meetups!